Custom Made Area Rugs To Fit Your Precise Size Requirements

Tom’s Carpet outlet has a binding machine in-house which means we are able to make any size of area rug out of any material you choose and get you fast delivery as well.

The difference between us and anyone else — they’ll tell you what size you have to buy. We can make it any size you want!

We will cut it and bind it! Do you prefer square or round? We can do either! You can even bring a rug you purchased somewhere else for us to customize.

Tom’s Carpet Outlet has over 1,000 area rugs in stock at any moment.

We offer kids’ rugs, sports rugs, outdoor rugs, grass rugs, and more! Kids rugs are perfect for nurseries, classrooms, daycares, Sunday School rooms, etc.

Plus we can do custom rugs of any size or color.

Normally we can complete your request within just a few days — depending on the quantity requested of course! Come see us today!

Costs are:

Binding – $2.00 per linear foot.
Serging – $5.00 per linear foot.

Call or text us at 423-840-7889 to begin your rug project today.